Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer Pearls – Classic Chic

Last week I had lunch with a great friend of mine who lives in Zurich.  She is always slim, elegant and beautifully styled and usually has me wanting to run home and change the instant I see her because no matter how hard I try, I could never achieve that modern/classic seemingly effortless style that some people just seem to be born with.

One of the things I noticed was her gorgeous brown and ivory pearl multi strand lariat necklace, which set off everything she wore, and this made me think about the need for every girl to own at least one perfect pearl necklace, in particular to wear in the summer.  Why summer?  Just because once you bring out the paler neutrals, pastels and whites of a summer palette, pearls seem to enhance everything.  But there are some rules………..

pearl astley clarke necklace 2  pearl astley clarke earrings

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your grandmother’s pearl necklace will do if you want your look to be up to date.  I’ve tried that one and it quite simply doesn’t work – most of those pearls, however beautiful, will be too small, too classic, and make you look older than you are.

pearl john lewis drop earrings  pearl john lewis bracelet

For now, right now, concentrate on stand-out pearls; a necklace, single or multi-strand.  Earrings preferably that drop and have a modern design, a large South Sea pearl bracelet.

pearl by elise choker pearl by elise with amethyst

Spend as much as you can afford, and buy from someone reputable – there are endless, atrociously designed pearl web retailers offering quite expensive pearls – up into the thousands of pounds but frankly, if they haven’t bothered to have a properly laid out and photographed website, I would ignore them.

Three places to find beautiful pearls are

Astley Clarke – when you have the cash to invest in something really beautiful
John Lewis (surprisingly), who have some beautiful designs by Dower and Hall, particularly their drop earrings
By Elise, who offers some of the most original designs, for some of the most reasonable prices on the web.

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