Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kabiri – Unique Jewellery from Modern and Emerging Designers


Kabiri is a jewellery website with a difference, in that most pieces you won’t be able to find elsewhere and most of the designers you won’t ever have heard of before.  Kabiri specialises in showcasing emerging designers and this makes their online store a real treasure trove of the new, the different, and frequently the very, very special – inevitably my favourite piece of all was one of the most expensive, but it’ll be on my Christmas list anyway………….

kabiri doodle ring kabiri wishbone earrings kabiri starburt pendant

Being something of a modern/classic jewellery collector I can truthfully say that I find some of the pieces in the ‘Fashion’ jewellery section just that little bit difficult, however I set myself the task (really hard, of course, being me) of selecting my six favourite pieces on the site.  There’s a wide range of prices and a wider range of styles, from extremely modern – which I’m afraid I walked straight past, but you may not – to very modern/classic and if seriously classic jewellery is what you’re after then you’ll find you’re in the wrong place totally.

kabiri pave pendant  kabiri bangle kabiri pyramid earrings

Buy a statement piece from here and inevitably everyone will be asking you where you found it.  Whether you tell or not of course is totally up to you………………………………………

Visit the Special Offers section at www.thesiteguide.com to find a Subscriber Offer from Kabiri.