Sunday, 6 June 2010

Beauty Review – Feel Unique


Feel Unique is one of those online beauty retailers once discovered, you wonder how you ever managed without them.  The real advantage here is not that they have a wide selection of most of the premium brands, but that the many of the products on offer are discounted and unlike a lot of the discount fragrance and beauty websites who only offer ends of lines, Feel Unique quite often offers a large proportion of a range.  The brand list is also expanding all the time, making this an excellent one-stop beauty store.

feel unique jo wood  Feel unique zen tan  feel unique mascara

Before I run out of one of my beauty staples I always check to see if Feel Unique have it in stock.  Couple their range and service with free worldwide delivery and a reminder service to let you know when your favourite product comes back into stock and you’re bound to be as tempted by this website as I am………….. frequently.

Feel Unique Bed Head    feel unique jessica  feel unique clarins 

Make sure that you’re subscribed to as an exclusive special offer from Feel Unique is waiting for you there now.

Speaking of beauty products and special offers I have just received one from Sephora, the beauty megastore I wrote about last time I visited Paris.  And surprise surprise, I just happen to be going back there at the end of this week.  Now how did they know that, I wonder?  Having said that, my bag is already packed and full to the brim…………………….oh well, I’m sure I’ll find a corner somewhere for a little something.   Somehow I always seem to manage that.  Which will be absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me well.