Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Website Review – French Connection

FC sun dressFrench Connection is one of those brands I tend to dip in and out of. Younger in style than what I usually wear (because it’s aimed at a younger customer please note, not because I wear very classic clothes and my goodness doesn’t that sound defensive?) and not inexpensive it still usually manages to have one or two pieces each season I can’t resist, that work with things I already own, or just highlight the current season’s trends.

Having avoided browsing so far this year I felt it was time to take a peek and this season is no exception, with some very pretty dresses that just about anyone could wear, perfectly shaped knitwear and vertiginous fashion forward footwear among other things, some of which I have no doubt my daughter will be after the second she gets back from New Zealand.
FC orange cardigan
I personally would think twice about ordering most of the clothes here online (apart from jersey, knits and accessories), because I know only too well that the younger brands tend to go for smaller sizing than those aimed at a slightly older market (as do the top designer brands) and after all who wants to send things back? That from me means fine if you’re a size 8 or 10 in which case you will probably be ok, but anything above that be a bit careful and order two sizes to try or, perish the thought, go a size up if you’re really in doubt. Having been in fashion in my past for more years than I care to remember I know, as I’m sure you do, that sizing is a minefield and one brand’s size 14 is the equivalent of another’s size 10. Literally.

FC shoe There are some really good things in this collection, but the denim hot pants and the silk jumpsuit? Sorry, I’m definitely going to be leaving those to someone else.

Last night at Covent Garden to see La Traviata, mid May and all wrapped up in a shearling coat. How ridiculous is that? The opera was lovely though.

Just two weeks to go until my house becomes an unholy mess again, with plates and glasses in every room, the tv hijacked, attempted raids on my pc and clothes and wet towels all over bedroom floors. This year I’ve decided to operate a closed door policy and ignore. I wonder how long that will last…………………………….