Friday, 30 April 2010

Website Review – Karen Millen and the Perfect Dress

Karen Millen Corset Dress karen millen lingerie dress

I seem to be writing quite a lot about dresses at the moment, probably because this is the time of year for weddings, Ascot, Glyndebourne and chic sleeveless summer numbers, so it’s the other ‘dressy’ time of year, with Christmas being No 1, although is there a time of year when dresses aren’t the easiest option? I would say no, but then I’m a collector as some may have gathered.

Karen Millen is the kind of store (or online shop) you have to be careful about diving into if you’re anything above a size 12, maximum 14. Sorry, but there it is. And I said ‘careful’ guys, so don’t shoot me down in flames, please. I just don’t want people to be disappointed.

I recently bought a dress there which I wrote about before for my wonderful dinner at L’Arpege in Paris, the one I had huge trouble zipping myself into but, frankly, the dress wasn’t anything short of perfect, with a simple shape, enough stretch to do a good job of holding you in (provided you could get it done up in the first place) and subtle sexy details such as sheer panels (at the top) and a built-in corset, designed to help anyone go down a size, if not two. That was my first KM dress, and it definitely won’t be my last. It’s the one on the top left above.

The wonderful thing about Karen Millen is the amount of dress your money will get you, from full-on evening gowns at just under £300 to strappy short little numbers for well under £200. Compare those prices to the designer desirables we all lust after by Calvin Klein, DVF et al and you can have your dress and not feel anything like as guilty.

Black is always my colour of choice and don’t I get criticised for it?? I’m trying to mend my ways but I fear it’ll take a long time, after all, what could possibly make a girl happier than a seriously flattering Little Black Dress, or several in fact. I’ll attempt a subtle pattern from time to time but always revert to my black collection, from slim fitted long black lace (my favourite Glyndebourne dress) to ruffle edged or sleeveless jersey wrap. Girls understand these things. I’m not sure that men always do.

Speaking of Glyndebourne that season is almost on us again – my favourite of all - heralding the two hour car journey, the lugging of picnic things in long dresses from car to garden and the packing up afterwards (and having done picnics for endless regattas I’m an expert at all this, I promise you).

It also heralds the glorious gardens, the ha-ha, the lake, gallons of champagne and, most important of all, wonderful opera. And, if you’re lucky enough, as I am, to have a friend in backstage management, standing on the stage at the end of the opera. The whole excitement never fades, I’ve been going there since I was ten and I can’t wait to go again. Wishing my life away again here but roll on June!……………………………………………………