Friday, 16 April 2010

Simply the Smartest Laptop Bag in Town...............

The problem with most laptops is that, for a female, they're usually too large to fit in your handbag and whatever you carry them in they become heavy after a while, no matter how much weight lifting you've been doing recently.

Going up and down on the train to London for meetings regularly with my trusty friend, and also swimming every time I go to London presented lots of problems. Combining laptop and swimming things and hurling the whole lot onto my shoulder, plus handbag, just wasn't an option - I do this too often and don't want to end up with one shoulder higher than the other, after all.

So I decided to find the ultimate wheeled laptop bag. Oh yes, you've all seen them on the station platform, but elegant they are not, and I wanted to look elegant as well. No point in carring a gorgeous Longchamp handbag if you've one of those nasty nylon wheeled bags trailing behind you now is there?

Eventually, and after a long and pretty well global search I discovered Knomo, and have never looked back. Their Sierra quilted wheeled bag is tiny, extremely smart, tough and has room for the lot and goes with me everywhere from poolside to meeting. It has been universally admired.

There are lots of other bags to choose from here - the prices aren't cheap but then these are luxury laptop (and sports, and luggage) bags for luxury lovers. Mine is worth every penny.

The daughter, still out in Oz, but shortly on her way to New Zealand, has just asked me to book her a massage at the hotel (yes I did say hotel) she'll be staying at tomorrow evening for a friend's birthday. 'Call them' she instructed me. Australia? She's there, for goodness sake! Luckily I'm rushing back to London immediately. 'Do it yourself' I said. I wonder if she will.......