Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Does it Matter what you Wear to the Gym?............

Having made my return as a serious gym attendee (well quasi serious and only ten weeks so far, she says, before anyone asks me what weights I lift, and no, I'm not telling anyone), and as a result of a conversation, I thought I would conduct a definitely not serious poll about whether or not it matters what you wear to the gym.

Incidentally, said conversation, although it sparked this off, was with, as it turned out, an extremely chauvenistic (sorry but true, in case you're reading) man who was happy to admit that he went to the gym in t-shirt and shorts but cared a great deal more about what the ladies wore! Girls we all know what we think about that one!

So, on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere I asked my question which just goes to show you shouldn't pre-judge, because I thought the world would fall into two camps, men and women, and actually it doesn't, it's those who take it seriously, and those who don't.

Just a few examples, you can guess which type said what:

'I always wear a matching outfit to the gym'

'I don't care what I wear to the gym, just comfortable clothes'

'I haven't been to the gym in weeks because I don't have anything to wear........if I don't feel good about my looks/clothing, I'd rather not go to the gym'.

'When I go go the gym I usually wear shorts and a black tank top. I don't really care what I look like when I go to the gym because I know I'm going to sweat a lot and I don't go there to look pretty'.

'That whole dilemma is reason enough for me not to go to the gym. I will work out on my own treadmill wearing whatever'

'If you worry about what you are wearing, you're not working hard enough!!!'

and my favourites:

'I have a lap dancer who comes to my spinning class always clothed in Sweaty Betty. It's cute to watch all the men peddling faster and faster to impress her. They all end up looking knackered by the end'.

'I'd like to say no, but it just takes that 1 hot girl to come in in her gorgeous gym stuff on and you look and feel cr.p instantly'.

So obviously the 'don't carers' are the serious gym rats, and those who care too much are most likely into the first month or so of their New Year's Resolution gym membership/full gym kit new wardrobe and will very probably be giving up by the end of this month. It is March, after all, three months is a long, long time.

Personally? I want to be comfortable and wear things that I like, but that are just for the gym. No one gets to see me thank goodness as I have my gym at home but I do think putting on the right (comfortable if you work up a sweat and really good trainers) gear makes a big difference to motivation. Once I have my gym kit on I know that I have to go there.

We'll see how long this effort lasts - you can be sure that when I stop talking about this subject completely, I've probably fallen off the wagon and will be looking to you to give me a shove back on.

The best way to make sure you do keep going, I have worked out, is to start off by going every day and doing a bit more each time, because you can become addicted to exercise which I'm told takes about three months. Who knows. I may nearly be there.

And as for my said chauvenist gym bunny watching friend; take your eyes off us, concentrate on your music, your speedometer, the news or whatever else you have to entertain you - honey, that's not what we're there for!

Will be blogging hopefully from Paris tomorrow (if I make it to the train) and using a hotel gym. Oh dear! What should Iwear???...................

ps. Just for info: Two of the best places I've found for gym kit, particularly for girls, are Sweaty Betty, and Simply Sweat - take a look.