Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bonding over Handbags

Still on the subject of handbags, for which I apologise, but this morning, on my extremely crowded train from Bucks to Marylebone I found myself sitting next to this handbag (if you know what I mean). Now any reasonably well versed handbag lover will ascertain quite a few things instantly from the proximity to such a bag and its owner.

That the person holding it is more than likely someone you are going to be able to empathise with;
That they have excellent taste.
They spend their money wisely on beautiful items.
That being friends with such a handbag owner will be instantaneous, with the knowing comment (from me) 'I love your bag'.

Which of course I said and we bonded instantly, girls together in the knowledge of what is an icon, great and good in the handbag world, as opposed to the huge amount of tat also in evidence on trains going everywhere. If you ever thought you couldn't make friends over a handbag, forget it, you can. I just wished I'd been carrying my Fendi - pathetic, isn't it?

Today was very interesting for me for two reasons, the first, and undoubtedly the most important, was a meeting with IMRG within Google's hallowed portals in central London - they even gave us lunch, I felt extremely special. There is an amazing atmosphere there.

Secondly my box arrived with the goodies I had won from Matches Fashion, a really beautiful box containing two exceptional dresses. So I'm feeling very lucky indeed, even though one of them was designed for someone at least four inches taller than I am (which most people are, let's face it). At least that's one problem easily solved. And may you notice, neither of these is black in any way shape or form, which is extremely unlike me. The blue is a really pretty shade of cornflower, and the brown and white.......I'll say no more.