Friday, 5 February 2010

The Five Best Lingerie Websites - and Why.......

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in Selfridges lingerie department, a) because I was looking for something, and b) because I wanted to test out my theory that if you're looking for anything specific in the lingerie category you're far better to stay at home and do it online.

I have to say that my belief hasn't changed. Selfridges undoubtedly has one of the best, if not the best collections in London, but it is mind-boggling to say the least and frankly, for me, 15 minutes wandering round ended up in exhaustion and wish to run away and go home. This might have been partly due to the fact that I'd already been to a three hour meeting and been for a swim, but the overload of plunge/lacy/sheer/whispy/moulded/full cup/underwired (and let's face it, that's only the bras), completely put me off.

There are some really great lingerie boutiques online, but surprisingly few, in my view, as many of the smaller more 'boutiquey' retailers just don't seem to get their websites quite right. Of course this is a totally subjective view and you may differ, particularly if you can't find your own favourite brand at the ones I'm going to mention here (and you'll find most brands included in the sites at but I think these are the greats, they started that way, have continued that way, and no one has matched them, for their individual offers, or anywhere near.

Figleaves - Of course you've heard of Figleaves, the all time lingerie great, offering everything from all major brands of lingerie to loungewear, swimwear, men's underwear and more, with excellent photography and an incredibly tempting website. Couple that with excellent service and it's no wonder they're so popular.

Agent Provocateur - You've heard of this one too, I'm sure. For beautiful sensual photography and a gorgeous collection this is a great place. They offer up to quite a large size, but I personally think they're far more suited to the smaller end of their size range. Enough said.

La Senza - Reasonably priced lingerie, an excellent website and a very good choice. The fact that they're in just about every shopping mall in the country is irrelevant - you can browse, choose and buy it all here. The photography makes this site an extremely easy place to buy from.

Bravissimo - I have to say I'm not in love with loads of smiley faces, particularly on lingerie websites, although it must be working for them because they're hugely successful. With an offer aimed at the well endowed (in other words, if you're an A or B cup don't bother to try and shop here) they must have by far the best selection of everything from D and upwards.

and finally.

My Tights - you may say that this isn't strictly lingerie, however they do, along with the amazing collection of stockings, tights (think lace, seamed, patterned and coloured) and all of our regular day-to-day staples, offer shapewear and chemises and an excellent service, so I felt they deserved a place. After all, how much lingerie does a girl need?