Monday, 8 February 2010

Faith Shoes - Spring in Style

I had to pay a visit to Faith Shoes a week or so ago, and was completely stopped in my tracks by the visions that greeted me as I entered. Now that's not to say that these are shoes I would wear as they're far more suited to my tall slim daughter, however that doesn't prevent one from falling in love, now does it? If you want to stand out this spring - these have to be the shoes for you, don't you think? And they're delicious in cream, I have to say.

To say they are bold is an understatement, and I can't see that you'd want to wear them for work (!) but for playtime? Now that's a completely different story.

What I really like about Faith is the way they're always pushing the boundaries while still offering styles that just about anyone could wear and the prices are very good as well. Fashionable friendly-priced footwear never felt so good.

Returning to packing for Geneva it's becoming a great deal less difficult, as I look outside the window and see the snow drifting down. It's not settling, yet, please please please don't let it - in the mountains I can cope but here, where in any case it's freezing, another week of being snowed in would be too much.

I was just talking to my great friend Anne out in the wilds of Maryland and this is what they have, 28" with more on the way. Brr....... despite my love of the white stuff I'm pretty glad to be here.