Friday, 6 November 2009

Website Reviews - George Davies and the New Give Collection

Website Reviews: Long Cardigans - Velvet Skirts - Jersey Dresses in the new collection by George Davies

If you're a follower of George Davies' signature collections which always seem to be able to cleverly mix wardrobe essentials with contemporary touches and reasonable prices then you should take a look at the new GIVe collection (difficult name, I know) he's just launched.

Let's get past the fact that the name is maybe a bit too clever for most of us, and we'd probably like to see plain old (no offence here) George Davies, who we understand - this is a range that, although small at the moment, is bound to grow as his collections always do, and offers the value, style and flair that we expect.

There are some great items here for wardrobe building, including a long chunky black cardigan which you could wear over jeans or a dress, a sleek black jersey dress, velvet skirt, studded shoes, fab faux fur jacket and ruffled cardigan and everything is in much higher quality fabrics (mostly natural) than we've come to expect.

Don't expect cheap and cheerful, that's not what this collection is about, but quality, value and great design. Pay attention - you're no doubt going to want to shop this collection soon.

On another note - no shopping whatsoever this week - meeting London yesterday in Chelsea Harbour took me so far away from my normal store-filled habitat that by the time I got back I'd actually lost the will to shop. Moi? Yup - I have to admit it. Next week is exciting meeting filled week in Central London so I'm bound to make up for it then. Meanwhile meeting: 10, shopping: zero. What's great about a week without any treats at all? Hmmmm, you can guess the answer to that.

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