Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Shop America - Nordstrom just went Global

Nordstrom is one of my favourite US department stores and I've shopped there a lot. (!) My mother-in-law lives in Maryland, just south-east of DC, so I can assure you that my knowledge of the major US stores knows no bounds. I love the different characteristics of them all, from the younger 'buzzyness' of Macys to the hushed superiority of Bergdorf they all have their own 'voice', to me anyway.

So why do I like Nordstrom so much? I'm a browser. I don't like to be hassled by sales people, I like to be helped when I ask for it, chat when I want to and be left alone if that's the way I'm feeling. I hate enormously loud music in stores (although you don't get that so much in the US department stores) and really I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I like to shop in peace from a modern, premium brand though accessibly priced collection of everything.

Not asking much, then, am I?

The great news is that Nordstrom has just announced that it's now shipping throughout Europe (and to Singapore). So you can have a real browse throughout the site, see the prices in your currency and have it all delivered to your door.

You, will, of course, have to pay UK shipping and Duty, which, on my trial order (which included a dress, beauty products and a luscious gold Kate Spade handbag and which, incidentally, I didn't actually buy, just in case my bank manager is reading this) came to around 27% on top. This included shipping charges, duty and vat, so there'll be no nasty surprise bill later.

So why would you buy from them when there's so much choice here in the UK?

1 They have products that are quite simply not available here or are very hard to find, from brands such as Stuart Weitzman, Alexis Bittar, Kate Spade which we all know and love and others which you won't have heard of.

2. Because of the sheer size of the US market, prices for some products which aren't normally available here are at very good value, even with the exchange rate, your shipping and duty added on. Don't look for top designer labels - they could cost you more. Look for ones that are special, different and already great value.

3. Look out for the sales! Take into account sale discounts on US products at Nordstrom and you'll be amazed. You will be paying less than you would here even with duty and shipping.

4. Oh the choice - it's wonderful, there are so many products and all beautifully photographed, from fashion, accessories and beauty to menswear and baby clothes.

Can't hang around any longer, sorry, the reason I've taken so long to post this is because I've spent far too much browsing. More important shopping to do right now.

Finally - You have until December 3rd to order in time for Christmas so don't leave it too late.

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