Monday, 2 November 2009

Molton Brown and the Hidden Treasures

Just about everyone knows Molton Brown's excellent, reasonably priced range of bath and body products - well you would, wouldn't you? It's available just about everywhere. Having said that, there are some products that just sneak up on you, that you certainly wouldn't be looking for online, that are real treasures. Trial them for yourself (of course) and then if you want to share the secret you could give them to all of your friends.

Being one of those people who a) loves to collect beauty products and b) falls in love with some which I don't want to be without, and can take or leave others, these are real treats and, as I said, not that easy to spot. So give them a try.

Brightening Serum
Heavenly Gingerlily Soft Body Shimmer
Travel Reviving Cempaka Bath and Shower
Gentle Revive Exfoliator
Eye Rescue Ultracool

Glad we've got over all the Halloween madness, I have to say that bearing in mind the ages of my kids it all rather passes me by, however with pumpkins everywhere it's a bit difficult to totally ignore, and judging by the endless 'pumpkin' tweets there was a lot going on. I did have a mad few minutes on the train last week discussing what I, as a pumpkin fairy (!) should be wearing on pumpkin night (and yes I was lying through my teeth) with Matches Fashion and it was fun, but that was about it. I settled for day-glo orange and a broomstick so they really couldn't help which was a shame, because they're one of my very favourite online boutiques.

Enough with the silliness and on with the week - the new launches today!! Hurrah!