Thursday, 5 November 2009

Luxury Gifts and an Extraordinary Week

This has been a quite extraordinary week, for me at least.

Firstly it was my son's 21st birthday - thankfully he was up in Edinburgh where he's at uni so all the celebrations went on up there, and I can say that without the least bit of guilt because it was my other son's 21st last September (yes work that out - they're both mine) and we did the whole shebang here which took a while to recover from, mess-wise, exhaustion-wise and bank balance-wise and I don't think we've totally got over it yet.

Then I wrote my first major advertorial which was interesting and fun and I learned a great deal - they said it was 'spot on'.....I sure hope they meant it. (Big media company - naming no names).

The new site at launched having taken up a huge amount of time in testing and I'm still finding the odd blip - as you do - but I'm soooper-thrilled with it (said in a high pitched voice) particularly with the shopping portal, which I think looks fab, due to our SP editor Helen.

Then (yes, sorry there is more), I was invited on a major radio show on December 23rd. Not going to tell you which just now, more about that later. Why do you shop on Christmas Eve? frankly, only if you're daft or have had one too many.

Finally I didn't shop. Why? Well obviously - not enough time. I'm off to London today though so may make up for it but I'll be a bit limited for time. A week with out any shopping at all? A disaster. What? You agree? No surprises there then. I'll make up for it, I promise.

Finally (2) I had to choose six gifts between £2000 and £3000 - now you may think this would be easy but I promise you it wasn't, strangely. You try. For yourself - no problem, but for someone else? Just close your eyes, imagine you've won the lottery and go for it. See? I told you, it's not that easy. Anyway here are three and I would like them all please Santa, in particular the one in the middle!

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