Monday, 23 November 2009

House of Fraser Fashion Press Breakfast - Wanting it All Now

Having spent many years in the fashion industry but now having moved firmly over to the web (and everything that goes with it) I'd managed to forget the excitement of seeing what was going to be on the rails in a few months time. Visiting House of Fraser for their Press Breakfast last Friday brought it all back to me.

The danger of this is that you tend to live your life about six months ahead, waiting for that snakeprint Michael Kors bag, pretty nude scalloped hem Untold skirt and Vivienne Westwood embroidery motif bow necklace to hit the stores. Of course the advantage might be that it stops you in your tracks from shopping now while you wait for the sun to come out, however, unfortunately, it doesn't usually work out that way. At least for me it doesn't.

I loved the 'New Nudes' accessory-wise, the bold colours that were very much in evidence, the shimmering metallics and I sighed with relief that black was apparently going to be the new black.......again, although some of it, I gather, is going to have cut-outs in places I definitely will be keeping covered.
The whole 'safari luxe' look was another trend I was happy to see back (and everyone knows how much I love my zebra, snake and leopard prints) and feather and ruffles to me are fine in tiny doses. The whole preppy/back to school look I can pass straight by, together with all-in-ones, which I'm sure I grew out of a long time ago.

It was a really interesting albeit very quick overview of what's to come, with much to see and loads to lust after and moi? I just loved it all (well nearly all, anyway).

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