Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Create your Dream Handbag and get it by Christmas

I'm a great believer that for something as important as a handbag, you need to choose it yourself, alternatively drop loads of hints to make sure that you get the right one. Me? I've never allowed anyone else to choose on my behalf, if they did, and got it wrong, I wouldn't, couldn't use it. I'm bad enough with jewellery but a handbag? (said in a Lady Bracknell tone of voice and if you don't know what that is you obviously don't know your Oscar Wilde), perish the thought.

Which is why, while doing a bit of writing and browsing yesterday afternoon, I thought I'd experiment with Ignes Bags' new 'Elite', design-your-own-dream-arm-candy system. Maria Estrada has created a range of 'affordable luxury' handbags in a choice of different high quality leathers, and has now taken it one step further. Click through to Ignes Elite, choose your style, then your leather, then the hardware and finally the lining and engraving. Above is one I created earlier which I now want and need (you know the kind of thing).

It's a very clever system - obviously you need to have a play with it and be sure that you're ordering the right thing for you but trust me - Ignes is all about quality, and to get the opportunity to have exactly what you want on your arm for an affordable price isn't something that comes along very often.

Speaking of affordable, Ignes has offered my subscribers a 35% discount between now and Christmas, you need to quote 'thesiteguide' when you check out. Order now and you'll have your treasure in time for Christmas. Make sure you're signed up at www.thesiteguide.com or a follower of www.glamoursleuth.com.

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