Wednesday, 18 November 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is............a Cashmere Wrap

I am, I think, extremely easy to buy presents for. My family would beg to differ because they're all so determined to find something clever and different for me and think that the things I put on my 'list', in other words the things they know full well I like, are boring, because they're there all the time.

Well guys, they're there for a reason - because I love them. I'm not one of those people who has to have a surprise (unless it's a Gucci Gift Voucher of course) I like the things I like, I've shoppped enough to know what I like and I'd sooooo much rather my gorgeous family didn't waste their money going off piste, as it were. Not that they're going to listen, this year or any other year.

Does this sound ungrateful? Probably, in which case you're going to click away now, but think about it. How many times does someone take a guess (and I mean a guess) about what you might like and get it wrong? Often, I have no doubt.

So this is the first thing on my Santa list this year - something that can always be updated and although the first of my three choices is a bit (!) expensivo I have this philosophy which is that if you don't ask, you don't get, although in this case I know I won't so it'll just have to lurk on my list until I win the lottery. And incidentally, I very much doubt that any of them will come my way, but it's fine to dream, isn't it?

Incidentally, I can't take you straight to the leopard print Louis Vuitton wrap because it's a flash site (I'll say no more) so you need to go to E-Shopping/Accessories/Scarves and wraps and then faint at the price - but I do love this one.

Scarf story - going skiing and at the airport with the family, and putting my absolutely favourite of all time fine deep cocoa brown knit cashmere stole/wrap/scarf through the x-ray machine and you know what? It didn't come out the other side. How absolutely ridiculous is that? I can only think that someone must have nabbed it just as it went in. It was by Italian designer Faliero Sarti and so so precious. I miss it still (and how pathetic does that bleat sound?)

There's lots of wonderful gift-worthy cashmere in Cuddle in Cashmere at