Saturday, 17 October 2009

Website Review - J Jil Sander for Uniqlo

The Jil Sander collection for Uniqlo has tiptoed onto the site, so quietly that in fact you practically miss the +J in the menu and if you didn't know, having read about it in the press, that iconic minimalist designer Jil Sander has designed a small but perfect capsule collection for Japanese brand Uniqlo you might miss it altogether.

My advice is don't, because there are some excellent pieces here, from the wool blend pea coat to the purple taffeta trench, tuxedo coat, down jackets, cashmere boyfriend cardigans and taffeta coccoon skirt. The prices are higher than the normal Uniqlo price tags but nothing is over £100. You can only buy one piece per style. Go for it. 

On the Jeremy Vine show yesterday discussing what you should do when the Royal Mail strike paralyses the post. Answer: If you haven't already done so set up online banking right now, that way you can pay your bills (as I suspect there's going to be a certain lack of sympathy for 'it's in the post') and people can pay you.

For parcels, and certainly leading up to Christmas, take a look at who I've used many a time sending all sorts of clobber up to my two sons in Edinburgh, including ski boots, towels and duvets. You name it - I've probably sent it. I've always used this company and they've never let me down.  Also look at new kid on the block Collect+.

There are new websites in Latest Websites at so go take a look.