Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Website Review - French Connection and a Day on the High Street

Into London yesterday for a meeting and lunch with a friend, I unfortunately stepped off the tube at Bond Street, which of course took me past Zara and French Connection to name but a few.

There are some stores I can walk straight past without a second look and others that just seem to draw me in.  Zara is a case in point, and thank goodness they're launching online early next year (note the 'early' comment) at least that's what one of the girls in the store told me - she told me January, no less, but we'll see.

I collected (!) two great jackets in Zara, and I'm sorry I can't show them to you but I'll have to describe them for now - a short dark brown tweed slightly trapeze jacket with a high collar and loose weave edge and a chic 3/4 length jacket/coat in ivory and black houndstooth.  Far or what?  Both have come back with me to - er - evaluate so I'll be doing that shortly.

Then, carrying my ever heavier bag and seriously heavy coat (because it was so cold out in Bucks when I left), I made a quick pass through French Connection and saw some real stunners.  Thank goodness they are online so no high street purchases we're needed.

French Connection is so much more 'mid-market' than it used to be, with pieces that are right on-trend  but very wearable.  The prices have gone up a bit but then so has the quality. 

I spotted their studded shift, pink spot cardigan and long, chunky chain 'disco' necklace on my way through, plus more clothes and accessories with that 'surely you need me right now' invitation.  I think it's quite hard to find clothes that 'speak to you' if you know what I mean.  Well these ones certainly did.