Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Ultimate Designer Handbag - Miu Miu Studded Bag

Spotted at my favourite online boutique yesterday - Miu Miu's black nappa leather studded hobo bag - surely one of the top five handbags of the season.

I'm in love with this bag for several reasons - it's by one of my all time fave designers, it's black (of course), it incorporates most of this season's bag essentials, being large (but not ridiculously so), quilted and studded, and you can carry it using the grab handle or the shoulder strap.

It's marvelously covetable and irresistably buyable, it's also expensive but once you had this baby in your bag collection you'd use it so many times that the value rule would win out without a doubt - that of dividing the price of something by the number of times you wear/carry/use it.

Use that rule when you want to buy something divine and you'll win yourself over every time.

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