Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tintamar and the perfect Handbag Organiser

The Handbag Organiser you won't want to be without - trust me!

I don't know if you're anything like me, but I have quite a number of favourite handbags, and for each season three or four never really go back into the cupboard like well behaved bags, but hover round my feet shouting 'choose me today', 'choose me today'.

Ok, enough of this (although the above is more or less true). If, again, you're anything like me and constantly swapping one handbag for another, you may find yourself leaving your best pen in one, your specs in another and, worst of all, your keys in yesterdays bag, in your hurry to get out of the door. There are certain things you want to keep with you all the time, yet there never seems to be the time to properly sort them all out.

I came across a handbag organiser the other day where I didn't hesitate, I just rushed to order it. It turned up on my doorstep yesterday and I can see instantly that it's going to be a real problem solver. This is the 'bag within a bag' by French company Tintamar, which they call the Very Intelligente Pocket - VIP - get it? It's very light, has all the necessary pockets and you just load it up and transfer it from bag to bag. Wonderful.

Just a word to the wise, you can order them from Fly Dragon Fly and from Happybags who seem to have the largest collections in the UK.  You'll also find them at Amazon. The classic size is for quite small handbags only, but the large will fit into most reasonable size tote/shoulder bags. There's a great range of colours. Love this product. You can probably tell.

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