Monday, 5 October 2009

FitFlops, Flipflops and The Great Outdoors

Yes you read it right - I did say Flipflops - looking outside today I'm wondering if I'll ever need mine again. There are at least three pairs (mine and the daughter's) looking sad around the house at the moment so one of today's jobs is to scoop them up and put them into the flipflop bag (surely you all have one of those) into the sumer drawer (or under the bed) and forget about them for a while. Cold feet are a bad, sad thing as I'm sure you'll agree.

I have, as some of you may have gathered from my Twitter posts, become a Flipflop addict and not from the 'bottom firming' selling blurb but because they're really, really comfortable. I'm wearing my sheepskin lined cloggs as I'm writing this.

On Saturday I totally fell off the wagon and ordered the latest addition to the family, or one of them, the short version of their new boots - I can't wait for them to arrive. If you haven't tried them yet you may think they're a fad and they may well be (and I can't vouch for their bum firming qualities) but for bliss on a cold day I can tell you - they're just the best, and you can actually walk in them too.

Today is a catch-up day; waiting for calls from Germany and the US, creating my slides for ECMOD, trying to avoid the husband, the mother-in-law, the daughter and the dogs and nearly succeeding.

Take a look, if you haven't already, for for the best of the web.