Monday, 19 October 2009

Beauty Review - Smashbox Perfect Primer

There are lots of primers on the market, but this one stands out a mile and deserves a mention all on its own.

If you don't already know Smashbox, cult US beauty brand then pay a visit to Just Beauty Direct and check it out under Smashbox Cosmetics.  It's affordable, clever, and everything does what it says it will (and no, I'm not being paid to say that!).

Their anti-aging primer creates a canvas for foundation, reduces fine lines and with SPF 15 protects your face as well - I wouldn't be without it and have the travel sized version as well.  Take a look and check it out.
Just Beauty Direct is another of my favourite beauty destinations, offering not only Smashbox, but also brands such as Blink, Barefoot Botanicals and Christopher Drummond, with a permanent sale area and very (and I mean very) good discounts.

Check it out importance?  ***** Go there now.

Unfortunately I can't link you straight through to the primer - I will as soon as I can.