Monday, 12 October 2009

Beauty Review - Exfoliators and Radiance Boosters

I'm one of those people who would love, love, love to have enough time to get myself down to my favourite beauty salon and have a facial - along with a weekly mani-pedi, of course. I'm sure that person exists, they could very well be me in another life, but it's definitely not me today.

Having said that I'm a true believer in grooming being essential and looking after your skin as much as you can, so from the 'great products to use at home' point of view I am an expert. Obviously I have my favourites; fast, functional and good to use reasonably priced solutions from great brands that will never let you down.

These are my fab five (plus three of my favourite online beauty stores for free) - let me know if there are others that you love.