Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Those Boots I Mentioned Earlier.....

Well anyone who'd like to enjoy a little Shadenfreude can do so now on my behalf, because I can't get any signal inside and it's cloudy and cold, so here I am just a little bit on the cold side but determined to send this to you today. Have a smirk on my behalf. Having said that I do have a lovely cup of coffee and croissant by my side so maybe...some of it's going my way.

On to those boots - This year one of the things I did want to add to my wardrobe was a great pair of not necessarily black boots - because I have quite a few in black and my gorgeous brown ones are looking just a bit tired. Walking round St Remy de Provence of all places I spotted these and immediately fell in love. Hunted them down and they're now waiting for me at one of my favourite online boutiques (if you can call this fashion mammoth a boutique).

They're available in brown and navy so I have a real problem on my hands and I'm sure you can guess what that is!

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