Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sequins, Fake Fur and more......

Had a very interesting day yesterday but a horrible journey to start with (one hour into London and then an hour on the Jubilee Line and DLR) to reach the hideout of one of my favourite beauty companies. Great meeting but spent much of my time ogling the make-up displays just seen outside the room - huge temptation - I definitely wouldn't be able to spend much time there without having a play!

Back into civilization and wandering round Debenhams - you know, as one does, for want of anything else to do........and noticed a couple of jackets that I'd spotted online and clicked straight past - that were so much more covetable in real life.

I know that it's hard to get online photography right (having run and organised shoots for designer mail order and online catalogue in the past) but online I wouldn't go near these - offline they've pretty well sold out so that surely tells you something.

The only thing that matters is making the product look irresistible as I'm sure you'll agree - or you won't be flashing the plastic. Let me know what you think about these two darlings and I'll tell you what they really look like and yes I have tried both of them on and yes I did buy one. Bet you can't guess which......

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