Wednesday, 23 September 2009

On the subject of Handbags..and Girls Car Accessories

Having watched Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, Glenn Close, Leslie Caron (surely you remember GiGi) in Le Divorce yesterday evening I was struck again by the gorgeousness of some great handbags (and in particular that red Kelly bag; watch the film if you don't remember) - classics that last forever. Not wanting to get boring here I wanted to introduce you to the next prize at, that's right, the one after the £1000 gift voucher from designer boutique Bunny Hug, which won't be launched for a while but I thought I'd whet your appetites. I do so love a great handbag.

I'm glad to say that the day, which started off with a whimper (and one dog running off, grrr) has ended up happily although there's still one copy of my book waiting to be given away, so if you'd like it please send me an email to

On a completely different note, and if you love your car, checkout this website for girls car accessories. You may arrive there and wonder where on earth you are but persevere and you'll find all kinds of things to give to friends (particularly those with daughters who love their cars) and stuff you had no idea you needed, such as a leopard and crystal drink holder (!), child check rear view mirror, digital tyre inflator and all sorts of other organisers and seat covers. There are some really daft things (sorry) here but very useful ideas as well.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I'm off to London for lunch, swimming, meetings (and note the order these are in) so I may report back to you. Or I may not.

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