Monday, 21 September 2009

Fab Fragrance and Liz Jones today.....

So bad: Invited to the Drapers event at LFW yesterday but settled instead for a rubbish disaster movie and a glass of wine with the dog (the wine for me, of course) at home. Do I regret it? No, because I'll be in London a lot this week and Sundays are for relaxing, particularly when the kids are away. Watched everyone else tweeting about the shows and didn't feel jealous - done that, been there, worn the tshirt.

Love Liz Jones's column in the Mail this morning - she's absolutely right, of course, the world is run by the skinny fashion pr's and their assistants. So sniffy if they don't think you're good enough and frequently not brainy enough to tell (the assistants, that is, who usually get to make decisions they shouldn't). Thank goodness someone has the guts to put it all down - with her readership you would think she would be invited to everything. What was it Julia says in Pretty Woman? Big Mistake.....Big.

Received a gorgeous package from Ormonde Jayne this morning, who ought to be written about much more, particularly as so many of the luxury brand fragrance houses are everywhere and she is exclusive, luxurious, clever and has managed to create a new totally covetable range. Try Osmanthus, my favourite. Hoping someone will give me her Bathing Beauty gift box for Christmas, or is it too far away. Maybe I should order it now? No. Stop. No shopping today (had to pay for son's birthday pressie yesterday - 22 - oh my lord!).

Onwards, then.