Friday, 18 September 2009

Bijoux Heart - start collecting......

Recovering today from the great AW party in the Whitehall Banqueting rooms - was met by elaborately wigged, painted and costumed cast of characters and had pic taken - though haven't seen it yet. Wore jewelled platforms and sequined lace dress. The problem with these events is that if you go alone it's a bit daunting to start with, so I formed a 'singles' group - you can spot them a mile away - until dinner. They probably didn't want to chat but reckoned without yours truly.

To bolster my confidence I managed (notice that word) to pick up a pair of Bijoux Heart drop earrings at Fenwicks on my way to get changed - these are fab too although more than I paid - they're hard to find online, so annoying - a really lovely modern/retro collection and extremely collectible so watch this space.

Meeting first with Simon of, purveyors of all things natural by brands such as A'kin and Barefoot Botanicals - for me I'm afraid it comes down to whether or not I like the way a product feels and smells however if you're a natural beauty follower you should take a look.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to sign up for our Bunny Hug Boutique Prize Draw at - £1000 Gift Voucher - it's definitely not to be missed.