Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Back from the South of France..............

So, back now from the not so sunny South of France (well sunny for the first three days and then, quite simply, a monsoon).

As usual so much to do and the black tie Affiliate Window party to go to tomorrow evening - considered trying to pair three quarter length lace dress with favourite gladiator sandals but decided that, at 5'2" would look totally fashion-victim-ridiculous so will have to think of something else. Mini MJ silver quilted chain handled clutch (a bit like the one shown and a trophy from the US a couple of years back) will definitely be going to the ball. Some things never go out of style and move from 'now' to 'vintage' seamlessly, don't you think?

Will take to London with me; meeting essentials (netbook etc), swimming stuff so I can fit that in and total black-tie ensemble - all on the train. Will be interesting, for me, anyway.

On to the Euro. How is a girl to shop? Not, natch and it's so frustrating. I think for one of the first times in my life, well actually the second if you count my trip to Bruges earlier this year, I wasn't even tempted. Being ripped off doesn't do it for me, so have I finally found the antidote my husband has been searching for? No. This one won't last.

Happy to be back - too much to do - off now to unpack and pack for tomorrow.

Oh yes, and did I mention lipstick? Think that'll have to wait until tomorrow.