Monday, 24 June 2019

6 of the Best Concealers with Built-In Sun Protection

I've always looked for double duty products, and there's no one more important that concealer/primer/foundations with SPF included in the mix.  And that's not just for summer, but for any time of year, so that you're using sun protection without thinking about it.

These are difficult to find as most beauty companies seem to concentrate on foundation and not concealer, however all of these will give you all the protection you need - from luxury brands to much less expensive products.

Having said that, finding basic foundation with SPF is simple.  Finding concealers that you use around your eye area anything but.  Which is frankly ridiculous.  I have used two of the products here, IT Cosmetics full coverage CC SPF 50 and Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer SPF 20 and they're both excellent, both from US brands but click through to buy them in the UK.

My final choice is a luxury cushion foundation with SPF 40, higher protection than most, for those who don't need a specific concealer but want a great foundation to use all over the face with seriously good protection.