Monday, 10 June 2019

10 Lightweight Rain Jackets for Summer Day Downpours

Having just spent a few weeks in Texas, where most people mistakenly think that the weather is always hot and sunny, and having got totally soaked in my inexpensive 'showerproof' jacket I decided that never again am I going to be caught out, and invested in a lightweight Columbia jacket which I've already worn several times.  And yes it keeps me totally dry even in a torrential rainstorm.

Whether you're out walking the dog or travelling somewhere, it may well rain without warning, and so an essential piece of clothing for the summer months has to be a lightweight waterproof jacket that can fold up into the bottom of your tote or carry-on and you can pull out at a moments notice.

My favourite waterproof jackets are light enough to go everywhere with me, black....because you can wear them perfectly well in town and country and have some kind of shape - slightly waisted for preference.  Oh yes, then there are the pockets for phone and other bits and pieces (I am never to be found without dog biscuits in my pockets no matter where) and of course a hood.  After all, what good is a rain jacket without a hood???  I also prefer a jacket that has both snap and zip fastening.  What fussy? Me?  You bet.

For best value and a jacket which ticks all the boxes check out Peter Storm's packable waterproof jacket - at a discounted price currently from Blacks.  I have to say that my all time favourite is Barbour's Val Thoren jacket, combining fashion with functionality.  If you'd like something that's a little longer and totally waterproof that I've been trying out recently you might like to look at Columbia's Splash a Little Jacket.  Another one where you can't go wrong.

A really good waterproof jacket, particularly if you're a fan of the great outdoors (or even if you're not, we all have to go out in the rain from time to time) is well worth investing in.  Don't go for cheap, fashionable and 'not quite waterproof', make sure you'rs is.  Having made that mistake and ended up soaking and with a slightly drowned phone it's just not worth the risk.... over to you

With regards to sizing put vanity to one side and if in doubt go a size up.  You want to be able to wear anything underneath your rain jacket from a fleece or sweater to just a t-shirt.  You definitely don't want if to be too small....