Tuesday 2 April 2019

Where to Buy Wine in Paris No 1 - Duclot la Cave in Galleries Lafayette Gourmet

If you think of Galleries Lafayette as somewhere to buy your next Prada handbag and not as somewhere to find a bottle of fine Bordeaux, you probably haven't paid a visit to the 'Maison' store opposite the main building on Boulevard Haussmann Paris.

Lafayette Maison/Gourmet has always been one of my favourite places in Paris, to grab a quick lunch at Mavromatis, to check out the herbs and spices or find a box of macarons for a gift, then up the escalators to the homeware departments where you can find absolutely everything.

At the far end of the ground floor of Lafayette Maison sits a stone curving staircase, which, if you're a wine lover, particularly Bordeaux, will transport you to paradise.  Originally Les Caves des Vins of Galleries Lafayette this is now Duclot la CaveDuclot is a Bordeaux wine merchant with a stock of several million bottles,  1200 of which are offered here in Paris.  Oh and incidentally their holding company also owns Chateau Petrus - the most famous Pomerol of them all.

Along with a beautifully displayed fine wine section, famous wine bottles up to a 15L Nebuchadnezzar, a spectacular champagne area and the best of Burgundy, Rhone, Loire and Alsace there isn't much you can't find here, but if you are, as I said, a Bordeaux lover this is Bordeaux heaven

I took some friendly and helpful advice and bought a simple bottle of Medoc which I'll be posting on Instagram shortly.  My aim is to write about the best wine stores wherever I go from Dallas to Paris (next stop Beaune) and this is No 1 for Paris.