Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Smart Luggage with Built in Phone Chargers and GPS - Is this the Next Best Thing for Travellers?

A few things you should know about me;  I travel a lot.  I always carry a spare portable battery, I like my cabin bag to be light - I'm that person asking for help getting her bag into the overhead locker on a plane, I never travel light.

To that end my perfect carry on bag (or any other suitcase for that matter) has to be lightweight, preferably expandable, soft sided, - they're usually lighter - and hard wearing.

Three Traditional but Excellent Carry on Bags

Now this of course means that I'm never going to be seen with one of those hard sided wheelie bags which seem in all cases to be heavier than the rest.  More protective?  Almost certainly, but my tech is always in a special protective sleeve in any case.  My current carry on is Travel Pro's expandable spinner which is brilliant and ticks all the boxes for me, including price.

There is a new breed of luggage which you are probably aware of - smart luggage.  Suitcases with GPS, combination locks, apps and battery packs.  These are almost certainly excellent if you're willing to shell out a bit more and heft the extra weight.

Three of the best Smart Carry On Bags

Leading the pack here has to be Away Travel, with its lightweight smart carry on.  Featuring an ejectable battery - essential - and less expensive, this is where I might start if I wanted a truly hard sided carry on bag..

Horizon Studios M5 Smart Carry on Bag also looks excellent with a powerful ejectable charger.  It's reasonably lightweight and has a sleeve for your laptop in the front.

I particularly like Samsonite's X Rise Spinner Smart Carry On - it includes a Tile Mate bluetooth tracker as well as a removable 6000 mAh powerbank.  And it's lighter and not as brick like as so many of the hard sided cases.  So if I was willing to shell out the £300 price tag this is the one I would go for.

These smart suitcase options are going to develop quite quickly I would expect.  The only thing I'd ask is do you really need one?  If you're sensible and never go anywhere without your charger/battery pack (which you don't want to be grappling for in the overhead locker after take off.....) then the answer for the moment is probably wait a while.  This tech is definitely on the move.