Sunday, 13 January 2019

How to Revolutionise your Carry-On Bag - Just Use Tintamar's Brilliant Handbag 'Liner'

Tintamar Bag Organiser

I am one of those people you see struggling to open the above seat compartment on a plane because these were not designed for short people, rooting around in their carry-on bag (under the seat) and delving into the depths of their (far too large) travel tote.  And I have done all these things recently.

Tintamar’s Handbag ‘Liner’ is so much more than a mini bag you can use to swap totes quickly and find what you need.  It works perfectly for travel as well.

If I narrow down the items you most probably want close to you wherever you travel, they are as follows:
Phone Charger and cable
Glasses (if you need them of course, and I do)
Eye shade

All of these, and more, will fit into this brilliant soft material drawstring organiser, which you can just put somewhere easily accessible in your carry on bag and then retrieve speedily leaving the stuff you don’t need for your flight/coach journey/road trip safely in your bag.

Then after you’ve arrived you can go back to using your handbag organiser for swapping from one handbag to another but truthfully I now use mine for travel and wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

I’ve found this organiser particularly useful when I’ve booked a bulkhead seat, and I need a small amount of stuff for take-off and landing, as I can use this as a lumber pillow and then have what I need with me until the seatbelt signs go off.