Sunday, 25 November 2018

The Best Sheepskin Gloves for Warm Hands on Chilly Days

In my view there is only one type of glove that will seriously keep your hands warm when it’s cold outside, namely sheepskin gloves.  Inevitably I have many pairs, because every year I’m tempted, having lost one hand of one pair, to buy a new pair.  Normally I discover the lost glove in a coat pocket sometime through the season.  In one of my many down coats….but that’s another story.
UGG Sheepskin Gloves
The most beautiful sheepskin gloves, if you’re looking for a pair to give as a gift, are by UGG.  Masters of everything sheepskin other than outerwear, UGG sheepskin gloves are gloriously fluffy and come in several colours.  They’re undoubtedly the softest sheepskin gloves you’ll find anywhere, and the most expensive. 

Celtic Sheepskin Gloves
Then, still luxurious and beautifully made sheepskin gloves but with a slightly more utilitarian feel (and much less expensive) you can visit Celtic & Co, a wonderful store for cold weather clothing, accessories and everything sheepskin. 

Nordvek Sheepskin Gloves

Finally pay a visit to Nordvek at Amazon for brilliantly priced and good quality sheepskin gloves in a wide choice of colours, there are other brands of sheepskin gloves on Amazon but I’ve found Nordvek to have the best choice and I’ve been buying them for several years.  At £20 a pair these are ridiculously good value.  They do sell out in some colours and sizes so move fast if you want some of these.  Now do I need another pair?  Hmmm…….