Tuesday, 9 October 2018

How to make travel by train or plane easier than ever

Travelon wheeled Underseat Carry on with Smart Sleeve
Planning for a trip that involved multiple ways of getting from one place to another including planes and long train journeys left me thinking.  I had two medium sized wheelie cases that were fine for train journeys as my tote sits on the top, but once checked in for a flight left me hauling my laptop, iPad and various other bits and pieces around the airport using the shoulder strap.

Samsonite Rolling Tote with Smart Sleeve

After some searching I found the perfect answer – a small wheeled tote that would sit on top of my larger case and be the perfect stand alone bag once my big bags were checked in.  This was not as simple as you  might think.  There aren’t that many around that are a) small enough but roomy enough, b) have a ‘smart sleeve’- that strap that holds them on top of your suitcase and most importantly c) have wheels.

Delsey Underseat Rolling Tote with Smart Sleeve

I found several of these ‘underseat bags’ that were just the wrong size for my laptop, so when you’re buying one make sure you do the calculations.  The bottom one here, by Delsey, is only available from Amazon in the US, so you will have to pay extra but it has consistently high ratings.  My preference would be the Travelon Underseat Rolling Tote which comes in different colours.

If you, like me, do a lot of travelling and don’t want to have to be physically carrying anything more than your handbag, then this is the bag for you.   There are lots more options in the US, hopefully more will make their way over here soon……..