Wednesday, 5 September 2018

How to stash your stuff and be hands free when you’re running, hiking or walking the dog.

Whatever sports activity you’re setting out on, whether it’s a 7 hour hike, a run, or a walk with the dog there are things you will most likely need to take with you.  This is particularly the case if you’re going to be too far away from base to zip back and grab your phone etc.

I never go anywhere, whether it’s out with the dogs or going on a hike, long or short, without some form of finance (card or cash), a lip balm, a bottle of water, my phone, keys, a small charger and some Kleenex and I want whatever I carry these in to be as light as possible and leave me hands free.

Nike Lightweight Running BackpackOsprey Waist PackCamelback Ultra Pro Hydration VestKipling Mini BackpackRonhill Running BackpackSports Armband with PouchSalomon SensibeltCamelbak Hydration SystemWrist and Ankle PocketKipling Cross Body Bag
These lightweight backpacks, waist bags, arm pockets and cross body bags fit different activities.  Serious runners will need their hydration on tap, which is what Camelbak covers so brilliantly, or will want to carry more stuff with them in which case Nike’s lightweight running backpack fits the bill.

If you’re more like me, and you just need a bag that is lightweight, holds everything and that you can take anywhere – other than running – check out Kipling’s cross body bag.  Incredibly light with an adjustable strap and so many pockets you can hold everything including two bottles of water, this is my personal favourite.  From armband pockets to waist packs and multi pouch phone armbands there’s something here for every fitness nut.