Monday, 3 September 2018

What to Wear for California Hiking in the Heat

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon California is one of the most popular areas to hike in Los Angeles County, and yesterday I decided to take on the challenge of a) getting up the trail in one piece and b) not looking too much like an idiot.  And yes, that is the Hollywood sign up there.
I did have my gym clothes with me, which was fine as that was what the majority of – horrors – superfit beautiful people were wearing although theirs tended to be shorter and tighter than mine…. but I also had the wrong shoes, as mine were my normal Nike trainers, in good condition but nevertheless without really enough traction.

There are three levels of trails, and I was going for the longest, however once I had climbed the first longish incline, which was stepped in places, sandy and therefore had a propensity to be slippery, I wimped out on the second longer and steeper climb, not because of going up, but a concern about getting down.

You’ll see some of the fittest people you’ve come across anywhere, well this is LA of course, slim, tanned and running up the hills frequently with dogs.  If you visit LA and like hills, as I do, this is what you’ll need:

Under Armour Running CapriRonhill Short Sleeve Sports T-shirtSuperdry Tech Zip HoodieAsics Supernova Trail Shoes
Either short running tights or shorts – your preference

A good moisture wicking t-shirt – I noticed most people were wearing black.  Just so you know.

A lightweight hoodie.  While walking you’ll wear this tied around your waist.  But if you’re down and going into a restaurant or store you’ll freeze.  The aircon out here is unbelievable.

A lightweight cross body bag that will fit water, sunscreen, phone and anything else you might need.  Mine is by Kipling and is brilliant for hiking anywhere.  We’re not talking designer bag here, we’re talking utilitarian.

My portable phone charger.  Anyone who knows me knows I will always have one on me. Bring your own…….

Finally please don’t forget water, sunscreen, phone charger.  You’re going to need them all.