Monday, 13 August 2018

8 of the Best Next Generation Portable Chargers to Keep you Charged on the Go

If the thought of walking around town with a heavy black portable charger lurking somewhere in the bottom of your handbag has stopped you up until now from being able to charge up on the go then take a look at these.  Good looking and lightweight (depending on the amount of power you want your power-bank to pack) this is the next generation of hi-tech portable chargers so really there’s no longer any excuse.
Bonai 5200 mAh portable chargerBelkin Pocket Power Portable Charger 5mAh - 10 and 15 availableKnomo Portable Powerbank 10000 mAhTribe Mickey Mouse 4000 mAh PowerbankRavpower Portable ChargerKnomo Drop Go Wireless PowerbankBelkin Valet Charger for Apple Watch and iPhoneRichmond and Finch Lipstick 2000 mAh Powerbank
I am happily a collector of these excellent devices which, provided you don’t forget to charge them up first, will never permit you to let your phone battery disappear to that little red line just when you need it the most.

Three occasions lately, first when I was driving a friend to hospital, second when my puppy birth minder – work that one out – had no battery at all and thirdly when sitting on a long haul flight and the man next to me couldn’t listen to his music because there was no way to charge his phone, I loaned – or gave in the second instance – one of my many power-banks to enable them to power back up.  Running out of battery is no fun at all.  I am admittedly an obsessive in this endeavour so I usually have two chargers with me on long journeys.

Be aware that the more punch you want your charger to have the heavier it will be.  I find that 5000mAh to 6700mAh will do excellently for a day out and I particularly like Ravpower’s hot pink charger (with the matching hot pink cable, of course) and Bonai’s lipstick red portable charger.  They’re easy to spot in the most cavernous of bags.

So if you’re one of those who hasn’t gone out and invested up until now please do, and don’t look to me to save the day, I’m running out of chargers.  Honestly……..