Monday, 30 July 2018

10 Lightweight Rain Jackets for Days Out, Travel and Walking the Dog–Bargain Hunter

One item of clothing that is always in my bag, whether on a day out or a trip away, is a packable rain jacket.  I hardly notice it’s there, and fended off envious looks as I arrived on the train back from London a couple of days back and slipped on my rain jacket as the heavens opened.  Mind you, some people don’t mind getting drenched.  It just so happens I do.

Finding fully waterproof jackets when you’re not planning on travelling far and you don’t mind a jacket that’s a little bulky, is simple, just check out brands such as Barbour, Joules and The North Face to get an idea of what’s around. 

If you’re looking for a rain jacket to pack down into your tote (or carry-on) so that whatever the weather you’ll stay dry and insulated on trips away and days out then a seriously lightweight and/or packaway rain jacket is really what you want. 

Berghaus Paclite JacketColumbia Pouring Adventure II JacketPeter Storm Packable Waterproof JacketJack Wolfskin Oban Sky Waterproof JacketThe North Face Waterproof Jacket

These jackets are invaluable because not only will they keep you dry when walking the dog or going for a run, but they take up so little space there’s none of that shall I/shan’t I business when you’re going out for the day and you’ve spent so long trying to workout whether or not it’s going to rain or not you just want to play it safe.

Berghaus Womens Elara Waterproof JacketHelly Hansen Waterproof Packaway JacketFat Face Packaway ParkaOrvis Pack and Go Travel JacketBerghaus Stormcloud Jacket
Then there are holidays.  Yes there are some places where the likelihood of getting rained or drizzled on seems miniscule.  Honestly?  These places exist, but whether you’re going on a weekend to Paris or a week to San Francisco, even in mid summer, you may well get drenched. 

The new packable rain jacket takes the question mark over shall I take a rain jacket with me or not, just in case.  Just do it……

Most of these jackets are on sale, it may well be that some sizes aren’t available, but if you’re a bargain hunter like me there are some excellent deals out there.

Note:  Buy a size slightly larger if you’re in doubt, you want to be able to wear your waterproof jacket over anything from work clothes to holiday hoodies.