Sunday, 17 June 2018

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 - for running, walking and climbing steps anywhere

Nike Pegasus 35 silver grey
I have to admit I’m not a runner.  I like to walk long distances, sometimes on the flat, sometimes not, at a reasonable pace – although my daughter would disagree – and I like to end up feeling I could walk more, and always in perfect comfort.  No aching feet, no sore back and definitely no blisters.

Nike Air Zoom Pegaasus 35 in black and gunsmoke

So when I put this pair of Pegasus 35’s on yesterday morning for the first time, walked 7 miles in them after going to the gym and couldn’t find a single fault I have to say I think I’ve found the perfect trainer, and on top of everything they look pretty good as well, not quite a ‘sneaker’ but definitely not a normal trainer, thanks to the lightweight mesh, the high tongue and heel and the neutral colour.  I have the pale grey ones at the top.

Nike Pegasus 35 in Elemental Rose

Nike’s brand new Pegasus 35 is lighter than any other Nike trainers I have had (mainly previous versions of Nike Pegasus, Vomero and Structure) and much much better looking with lots of support and cushioning.  They’ve also been designed with a particular fit and support for women.  It’s about time, you might say.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 in Bright Crimson and Ice

If you, like me, want a pair of trainers-sneakers to wear out and about, all day in the city anywhere, and you want footwear that is going to look good and feel even better, this is a great pair to try.  And of course you can run in them – that’s what they’re really designed for after all……….