Tuesday 5 June 2018

Speed up your Beauty Routine with Bella Terra Mineral BB Cream - Where you can Buy It UK and US

Bella Terra BB Cream
This BB cream is the best I have ever found.  No it doesn’t have any SPF so you need to use a moisturiser with SPF, and after a while you have to squeeze it out of the tube.  Who cares.  From a coverage, longevity and silky texture point of view I have found nothing like this, and trust me, I’ve searched.  Because it does so many things so well - primer, moisturiser, concealer - it also takes valuable minutes off your makeup routine.

On the Bella Terra website, the prices are sky high.  Order a tube of BB cream here and it will set you back an astounding $115 before you pay duty on top if you’re shipping to the UK.  Don’t buy it here.

So it’s Amazon to the rescue in the US, where Bella Terra Mineral BB Cream will set you back $39 with free postage if you have Prime.   

In the UK it’s just as easy as you’ll find it on eBay where again it’s being sold by Bella Terra Cosmetics and including import duty and shipping charges a tube of BB cream will set you back a not modest £49.  But if you've already tried it you'll want more.

If you’re crossing the pond this summer you may like to give the BB Cream a try, it comes in 6 shades from Fair to Dark.  But order it from Amazon.  If you’re in the UK order it from eBay
I take shade 104 which is Medium.  You can see the shades here.