Tuesday, 29 May 2018

10 Little tweed and boucle jackets you can dress up and down and wear absolutely anywhere - from Mango to IRO

From dinners in New York to days out in London or Paris, this is the little tweed or boucle jacket you can wear with everything and just about everywhere. It doesn’t have to be part of a suit, in most cases it’s better if not, and if you can’t afford to slip yourself into a perfect tweed jacket from the Chanel collection don’t worry, there are so many options, from designers such as Balmain and Alexander McQueen to Michael Kors and on to Mango and Zara.

Ok you may find yourself sitting next to someone wearing the same Zara jacket on the tube but who cares?  They’re affordable, wearable and best of all, you can own more than one….

IRO cotton boucle frayed edge jacketPure Collection Longline Tweed Frayed Edge JacketOui Light Blue Tweed JacketMarc Cain white boucle jacketMichael Kors Frayed Edge Tweed Jacket
I have found that for traveling in and around cities these are totally essential pieces.  They work over a little black dress, smart pants and shirt and, most usefully dress up jeans and a casual top wherever you’re going to dinner, making city break packing so much simpler, two pairs of jeans (one indigo, one black or white if it’s going to be very hot), one shirt, two t-shirts, one great little jacket, sneakers and heels and what else could you possibly need?
Zara beaded tweed longline jacketMango Tweed Trim JacketClaudie Pierlot pale pink tweed jacketMax Mara Weekend Pink Tweed JacketHallhuber boucle jacket
So before these have departed the stores (a couple of these almost have) invest in a little tweed or boucle jacket and either add to your collection or discover just how flattering and easy they are to wear.