Monday, 23 April 2018

Liphault Paris – The Chic Travel Tote that Looks Good and Holds Loads

I never travel anywhere without a Liphault Paris tote or duffle bag.  They’re incredibly well designed, lightweight, attractive and functional and not over priced either.  They reason I’ve picked today to write about Liphault is because up until now there have been few places, other than in Paris, you can find them.  And now it’s so much easier.

Liphault Paris Mineral Grey Duffle BagLiphault Paris Anthracite Grey Large Weekend BagLiphault Paris City Plume BagLiphault Paris Large Shopping Bag

The real beauty of Liphault bags and luggage is not just the basic design, it’s the fact that almost every piece has a smart sleeve on the side so that you can just slip it over the handle of your wheelie carry on so it doesn’t matter how much you put in it (iPad/laptop/headphones/cosmetic purse etc) because you don’t have to heft it over your shoulder.  I’ve even been known to slip my tote in mine for a flight to get over the ‘one piece of hand luggage plus a carry on bag’ business.

Liphault Paris Navy Weekender - other coloursLiphault Paris Miss Plume Silver Weekend BagLiphault Paris Large Tote BagLiphault Paris Plume Vinyle Duffle Bag
The Liphault bag I use the most is the large tote bag sometimes called a duffle – which it isn’t, and sometimes a ‘weekender’ which I don’t think it is either.  My second favourite is the basic tote which you’ll find at the Liphault online store in loads of different colours.

All of these have the ‘smart sleeve’ even though the stores, other than Liphault itself, seem to have managed to leave out that most important fact.  These bags are designed to make life easy while on the go, and trust me, they do…………