Saturday, 25 August 2018

The Best Power Bank, Portable Charger and USB Charger for Travel to the US

There are ways to keep your tech charged up in the USA that are better than others, as I’ve discovered on many visits. You know, of course that the USA doesn’t use the same plugs that we do in the UK (or in the EU for that matter) and you most likely also know that the voltage is different – so don’t try taking your UK hairdryer, because it won’t work unless it has dual voltage.  But if you’ve ever wondered how to easily keep your tech fully charged, not to mention why your US adaptors keep falling out of the wall, read on……

Where tech is concerned, your laptop or tablet, smartphone and portable charger, these will all work in the US and you can charge them using a US wall plug.  There are two types of US wall plug, 2 pin and grounded 3 pin.  I’ve found that the 3 pin wall plug is much more stable, particularly if you’re trying to charge a laptop with the charging block and plug in one.
Grounded USA Wall Plug with Double UK Plugs
This UK to grounded US wall plug and extender cable is much lighter than you’d expect, and is extremely useful if you have two items you want to charge/plug in at the same time.
Grounded 3 pin UK EU to US AdaptorsBoth single UK and EU plugs will happily plug in to these and you’ll find the wall connection so much more stable than the usual 2 pin adapter.  Take a 2 pin with you, as sometimes you’ll just be offered a 2 pin wall option, but much of the time you’ll find that the 3 pin works perfectly Order this for your arrival in the US or have it shipped to you in the UK.  A pain I know but these are soooo much better.
RAV Power Rotate 3 USB Charger
This one you’ll need to either order from Amazon in the US, or ship it to yourself in the UK, or preferably have it shipped to wherever you’ll be first staying in the US.  With 3 USB ports plus a US plug and a grounded wall connection this clever gadget rotates.  It’ll let you plug 3 in USB cables directly and it won’t fall out of the wall so you’ll have a good connection.
Anker 2 Port USB Car ChargerRenting a car in the US or anywhere else for that matter?  I never travel without one of these.  Make sure you buy one with 2 USB ports of you’ll be fighting to charge your phone firstBelkin Power Pocket Portable Power Bank
  Another obvious essential is a portable travel charger for when you're on the move - and not travelling by car - this one by Belkin comes in three levels of power.  Be aware that it may be attractive to buy the most powerful but the more power you go for the heavier your battery will be.  I take a 5K portable charger with me everywhere.

The 10K and 15K version of this Belkin portable charger also have dual USB ports.
Split Charging Cable for Apple and Android
Finally a split charging cable which will allow you to charge up your phone whichever make you have with lightening, micro usb and type C usb connectors.

One reminder - make sure when you're on the move that whatever you've plugged into the wall gets to go with you .......