Monday, 12 March 2018

Superdry Sport - New Feel-Good Fitness Fashion

It doesn’t matter what you wear to the gym, but if you want some feel-good inspiration to get you moving then this would be a good time to check out Superdry’s new Sport collection, and if you haven’t yet heard of Superdry then it’s about time you did – this is one of the fastest growing modern casual brands around, offering high quality contemporary casual gear along the lines of Abercrombie but at a lower price point – and it’s more accessible. 

Superdry Sport Core Gym Zip HoodieSuperdry Sport Space Dye LeggingsSuperdry Powerfade JacketSuperdry Sport Tracker jacket

The brand’s USP is that it mixes Americana and Japanese graphics with what they call British Style, but I would call getting close to the style of American Eagle, Abercrombie and Hollister in the US.  You may think this makes it a ‘young’ brand, and essentially it is, but there are so many pieces that would suit/fit anyone who likes their casual and fitness fashion a little different for the norm such as jackets, puffers and running jackets, hoodies and fitness leggings.

Superdry Tokyo Training Tight LeggingsSuperdry Flex HoodieSuperdry Hooded WindsprinterSuperdry Gym Tech Luxe Zip Hoodie

Some of the pieces have quite obvious logos which you may not like, but which sets them apart from the rest.  Once you start buying into Superdry it’s hard to stop, as I know only too well.

Superdry Gym Tech Core HoodieSuperdry Sport fitted Mesh TopSuperdry Sport LeggingsHooded Windcheater Jacket
My favourite pieces are always the wind jackets and both the normal collection hoodies and tech hoodies (lighter weight and more fitted).  The main collection, which contains everything from jeans to tops to out-on the-town jackets and puffer coats crosses over with Sport, depending on what you want to do.  As far as athleisure is concerned this brand is perfect.

It’s also perfect, for the moment, if you travel with your sports kit, as it’s far rarer in places like the US and Europe than it is here.  If you want to be asked ‘where did you get that’ as you walk through the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, then this is the brand to wear.  But don’t expect that rarity to last………..