Sunday, 25 March 2018

5 of the Best French Pharmacy Beauty Products & How to Get your Hands on Them

French pharmacies are the best places to find a treasure trove of beauty products by brands such as Avene, Filorga, Bioderma and Caudalie. Yes of course you can nip off to Sephora or your local Galleries Lafayette and pay for your normal super-brands (which, by the way, are so much more expensive right now in France it’ll make your eyes water if you need to replace something).

So much better to buy products that do just as good a job but are much less expensive.  There are online stores in the UK stocking French Pharmacy beauty products, such as Escentual and Feelunique but inevitably when I’m here in France I’ll pick something that’s not so easy to find in the UK and then the hunt is on as to where to replace them once I’m back at home.

Here are my new favourite French pharmacy beauty products and where you can order them in a couple of clicks.

Lierac Lift Integral Masque Flash

Lierac Integral Mask Lift Flash

This immediately caught my eye because Lierac is one of my favourite French beauty brands.  Having made an attempt to get into the big stores in the UK a few years back I haven’t seen it since.  You can order from other websites, but the best value I’ve found is at Sante Discount where most beauty products are reduced and the delivery is speedy.  Spend 99Euros and delivery is free to the UK, otherwise it’s 19Euros.  Be warned, the prices are so good for most items that getting up to free delivery is no struggle at all…..  I particularly also like their Mesolift Anti Fatigue Moisturiser.

Nuxe Body Scrub

Nuxe Body Scrub

Full of natural botanical ingredients this scrub is seriously well priced and comes in a large 200ml tube which will last you for ages depending on who else you allow to share. 

Phyto Phyto Keratine Thermal Protective Spray

Phyto Phyto Keratine Thermal Protective Spray

I’ve already written about Phyto’s heat protecting spray several times and every time I look in the UK it seems to be out of stock.  Here’s my original post, and here is where you can order it online now.  It really is the best blow drying product I’ve come across.

Caudalie Eau Micellaire Water Cleanser

Caudalie Eau Micellaire Cleansing Lotion

Every brand now seems to have a cleansing lotion – it’s by far the easiest way to thoroughly take off the day.  I particularly like Caudalie’s Eau Micellaire as it’s refreshing, by a great brand, not expensive and it does the job excellently.  There are far cheaper French brands but if you want something that sits between the ‘super-brands’ and the cheapest offerings I would always choose this one.

Avene Couvrance Mascara for Sensitive Eyes – Black or Dark Brown

Avene Couvrance Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

This is another product you can’t find with your other Avene favourites in the UK for some reason.  It’s a truly excellent mascara for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers such as myself.