Friday, 16 February 2018

5 of the Best Apps to Make Travel Easier

As someone who travels a great deal these are the apps I keep with me all the time and which I would be hard put to do without. 

XE Currency App
Currency app XE is always useful to have on hand to tell you how much you’re should be getting for your sterling, and the trends.  Not that it makes any difference if you’re changing a small amount of money, but you at least have the information.

Tripit Travel Planning App

Tripit for Travel Planning and Itinerary
I’ve written about Tripit before and frankly I couldn’t do without it.  You can keep several trips on the go at one time and access each, individually, with ease.  When you get an email with a flight, restaurant or any other confirmation you can just send it along to and it’ll show in your itinerary.

You can access Tripit from any device, desktop to smartphone and all will sync wirelessly.  And you can also see past trips – helpful for looking up that favourite restaurant you visited last summer.

Microsoft To Do List App
Microsoft To Do List App – Perfect for Packing Lists
Having written recently about another app for keeping lists I was informed it was about to be superseded by Microsoft To Do so I immediately switched.

The good thing again about this list keeping app is that you can access it on all your devices so what you add to ‘My Day’ on your desktop will appear in your smartphone. 

I use this rather than a dedicated packing list app because it is so easy to update – and you can keep as many different lists on it as you want, so ‘packing list for weekend in Paris’ will stay happily alongside (but separate) ‘skiing holiday packing list’. 

TripAdvisorJust about everyone uses TripAdvisor and why wouldn’t you? This is the review based travel app that tells you everything you could possibly want to know about where you’re going plus forums and more.  The only thing I would say is that I always cross reference a TripAdvisor recommendation with Google or another website as there are so many reviews and the reviewers may not have your exact requirements.  Having said that TripAdvisor is undoubtedly an essential travel app.

Emergency Call Anywhere
Emergency Call AnywhereHow often do you travel somewhere without the faintest idea of the emergency numbers for each country?  Emergency Call Anywhere will update wherever you are and tell you what numbers to call for Police, Medical or Fire – and they’re not always the same.  Allow it to know your location and access your contacts from within the app.  Hopefully you’ll never need to use it but it’s a good one to have.