Friday, 9 February 2018

Bargain Hunter–These Over the Knee Boots are Seriously Made for Walking

Geox Felicity Over the Knee BootsAnother trip to London and another panic about what to wear on my feet.  Have you looked recently at what people, well, women specifically, are wearing on their feet when they get off the train?  Louboutins?  Er no.  Not a heel in sight.  Usually sneakers, sloppy furry boots or flat leather boots.  A few block heeled boots.   Anything goes, it’s all about comfort nowadays. 

That’s all very well but if you want to walk, want to use the tube, go somewhere smart for lunch and don’t want to either feel underdressed or end up with blisters and/or bedridden at the end of a long day you need to wear something comfortable. 

Recently I bought a pair of black suede Geox over the knee low heel boots with rubber soles, they’re called ‘Felicity’ (don’t ask me where they dream up these names).  They were on offer for a short time a while ago so I snapped up a pair.  Then they went back up to their full price of £170.

Right now you can pick them up for around half price – they come in black leather, black suede, grey suede and navy.  These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn and I’ve just worn them all day in London.  They’re full of Geox’s innovative design, with memory foam cushioning on the insole and a TPU rubber tread that is incredibly light.

These boots are a real score, ageless, totally comfortable, smart enough to wear anywhere, in fashion and even admired by my Louboutin loving daughter.  Snap them up.